A Guiding Force

Sovartis was founded in part on the belief that a persons ideas, intellectual curiosity, and love for what they do is the lifeblood to any organization. From a broad mix of client engagements, our triumphs as well as missteps, and from the feedback continuously gathered from a broad spectrum of our customer segments, Sovartis' seasoned leadership team thoughtfully guides our corporate strategy and execution, our management team, and our clients' investment  towards realizing breakthrough growth.  

By design, the stewardship of our organization is navigated with  team members, customers, and business partners top of mind. In doing so, Sovartis' leadership helps  ensure our collective force reliably translates into  your business producing breakthrough success. 

A Purposeful Approach  

Sovartis' leadership team is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and industry veterans who offer both customers and employees years of rich industry experience, a passion for what they do, and a purposeful style that is felt throughout our growing consultancy, and leveraged by our diverse customer engagements in support of advancing clients business goals. Our leadership's selflessness, accountability, willingness to actively listen and adapt quickly, and transparent communication is instrumental in consistently maintaining our mission and values,  enthusiasm for our work, a  supportive work environment, and a shared desire to  belong to something bigger than ourselves. Our leadership's highly effective management style and christian based values inspires our teams' best efforts in working with each other, our customers, partners, and others who impact our level of success.  Interested in learning more? Check out our leadership's guiding principles.

 Leadership Team

James Davis

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Chief Executive Officer

David Olno 

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Client Services & Operations

Christina Ellens

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 Leadership Principles

Effective leaders solve problems from the perspective of the customer's experience. Bad leaders too often concern themselves with internal structures or motivations.

Good leaders believe the team they've built is the best measure of their success, and seek to hire people better than themselves. Ineffective leaders believe short-term outcomes exclusively define their success.

Good leaders are rarely ambivalent on important matters and address conflict head on, by expressing their POV and soliciting the POV of others. Bad leaders keep their opinions to themselves, or worse, use the "meeting after the meeting" to make their true opinions known.

Good leaders make decisions with the available information, valuing experimentation and iteration over the perfect answer. Bad leaders delay progress because they fear making the wrong decision.

Good leaders use their position to support, empower and challenge their colleagues to make them better. Bad leaders feel threatened when they are challenged, and always need to be the smartest person in the room.

Business Performs Better When Everyone Takes Ownership

We're proud to be an employee-owned limited liability corporation. In 2012, we  made  it possible for employees to share ownership in our organization. Since then, we haven't looked back and here's why. As an employee-owned company we're able to make certain the walls that have traditionally pitted management against employees never become a reality. Those companies with a traditional top-down management structure are too often stifled by internal politics and bureaucracy that can adversely effects growth and success. 

Conversely, employee ownership creates a highly collaborative and transparent culture where everyone is pulling for the same goals. Having shared ownership creates a win-win for everyone involved: our company prospers and employees have the opportunity to build equity beyond their paycheck. Consistent with research provided by organizations like the National Center for Employee Ownership, or NCEO, that  proves  employee-owned companies really do perform better and create more jobs over the long run than their counterparts, we strongly believe our corporate structure helps differentiates our firm, our employees, and has proven to play a significant role  in our organization's continued high growth, performance, and overall success.




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