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No matter how small the project scope, we believe any process innovation effort is best approached in  strategic fashion. That may sound logical or even obvious, yet creating innovative business processes in a such a way that delivers sustainable value to your employees, customers, and your company's bottom line remains elusive for the typical company. To heighten our customers success, we pride ourselves on first educating you about how even the best intentions to improve certain business processes affiliated with key areas of your organization will  immediately impact other, critical functions of your operation - well beyond what you and your team have likely already considered. In part, this is why so many well-planned efforts to improve core business processes still fall well short of delivering longer term value to the typical company,  and too often end up only adding to existing operational complexity. Our team's experience helps ensure these and other types of costly missteps are avoided. Interested in discovering more?  Let's start with a wide lens.

To help ensure meaningful, longer term value is delivered by your business from undertaking efforts to design or modernize essential business processes - we  purposefully take a look at your operations with a wide lens - starting with identifying the main operational breakdown across marketing and sales departments, examining resource constraints, conducting economic analysis of these functional areas of your business, the broader marketplace, and more. 


The scope of our growing success with BPI efforts is as varied as our diverse clientele - with a portion of our customer engagements being narrower in scope, while other initiatives are reflective of clients leveraging our team to help address far-reaching, interrelated marketing-sales and business process issues. 

A Wide Lens 

Innovative Business Processes Strengthens Your Digital Capabilities 

What is the most fundamental driving force for a company to realize success?  The people! However, the way people perform the tasks in their work-streams can often make the difference between success and failure in today’s hyper competitive markets.  Improvements in key operational areas – such as supply chain, finance, manufacturing and quality – facilitates continuous performance optimization, and when executed properly - enables significant increases in the value delivered to each customer and subsequently, can improve your bottom line. 

Traditionally, business process improvement (BPI) has been about making radical changes to the business. However, the principles and approaches can be used to make incremental and continuous improvements and subsequently, bring about a more efficient organization.


Top Considerations For Driving Sustainable Value From Business Process Innovation 

Understanding the processes' main objectives so associated activities are aligned and support the business processes central goal(s)

Identifying and setting the main objectives and expected outcomes (e.g. reduction in customer wait times, improvement in customer service levels, shorter time to market, reduction in production times and/or delivery timelines) associated with the business process 

Identifying and selecting the processes that need to change or need to be optimized. To help prioritize your starting point, processes can be scored based on the metrics that are essential in reaching the desired business outcomes 


Understanding the existing flow of the business process, evaluating it to identify any gaps or bottlenecks and using these findings to derive recommendations for improvements. This may include conducting in-depth process studies or observations, and developing process maps with data (timings, triggers, costs, quality etc.) to create a clear view of exactly where the business process is today 

Designing and implementing the new or altered process, including controls and metrics that will help to monitor performance. Rollout should be de-risked by completing it in phases. Start with a small group so you can see the impact and make any adjustments before making it available to a wider group 

Measuring the outcomes against your previous state to ensure you are realising the benefits you set out to achieve 

Iterating the process to continuously enhance and improve it 

Costly Mistakes To Avoid

So much has been written about the value of business process improvement, the resulting need for change management, and the reasons why organizations fail to implement meaningful improvements in their business processes. There are many significant reasons why making even minor changes to the processes people rely upon can be fraught with failure. However,  when you strip away all the noise - the majority of business process improvement efforts fall short of favored outcomes as a direct result of one or more of the following common pitfalls and missteps.

Forgetting It's A Process 

Implementing or improving a business process typically isn’t a one-time flip-of-the-switch. The “improvement” is a process in and of itself. It’s a process of changing from this is how we’ve always done things to a better way of working. Change doesn’t happen overnight as it requires the right people to explore an entirely new or refined way of working, letting go of old patterns, and committing to a new or enhanced approach. Expectations to just flipping the switch is a recipe for failure. 

Not Looking Deep Enough 

Surface-level business process improvements can be fairly easy to identify and address. Efforts supporting improvements to business processes that deliver  meaningful value to customers and your company's bottom line are almost always found deep within complex business processes where only the most experienced specialists can properly identify hidden breakdown points costing you time, money, and an erosion between your brand promise and your customers' experiences.

Not Knowing Where to Start  

Oftentimes, business processes present so many opportunities it’s difficult to determine where to begin. And the starting point may not always be what you think or what appears obvious. The temptation to go with the path of least resistance often leads an organization down the path of false rewards. Alternatively, when you are able to identify the best opportunities based on a clear understanding of what the potential change will bring to the functional business area, you can weed through the “incremental rewards” and the “exponential rewards” to put your resources where they deliver the most value.

Lack of Collaboration  

There are people who know how the targeted area(s) of the business you're seeking to improve performance. And in most cases, there are differing people who are well suited to take a highly level look of certain business processes. As you can imagine, when there's a lack of collaboration between such key resources - the intended value derived from your BPI efforts is put at risk - unnecessarily. 

Not Properly Validating the Need for Change 

Ahead of asking employees to make substantive changes to processes that impact the way they currently work or to invest in a process change initiative, you must validate the need to change.  To do so, it's best to create a business case that outlines the  process changes.  

Leveraging Our Expertise to Improve Your Digital Processes

We see it every day in working closely alongside of our customers. Facing increased competition, more regulations, tighter budgets, and fewer resources, our customers - much like your business - are looking for an edge. When executed properly, BPI efforts deliver significant benefits to customer experiences and a company's overall performance. Yet, improving key processes within any business can be fraught with failure without the right planning, people and execution. At Sovartis, we offer on demand expertise to help ensure success is realized from developing new and re-engineering business processes to eliminate superfluous operations and costs, accelerating decision making, further lowering barriers that impact your customers' experience, delivering tighter integration and smoother operations between your marketing and sales,  streamlining campaign management, and more. To learn more, contact us.












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